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About Us

Here at the UwU Cat Cafe we work hard to provide the best level of care for all customers, staff and others in the city! We serve a wide range of exciting & fun meals, Our diverse work team are hard working and strive to improve the cafe wherever possible. We love hearing back from our customers on ways in which we can improve.

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Our Staff

Yuumi Sphynx
Rye Bunny
Jonny Coldones
Scoobi Doobi
Amala Tiller
Cordelia Dingledish
Johnny Kun
Angel Monet
Ayla Kan
Bobby Jammer
Corey Clark
Deandre Japan
Evee Uwu
Fluffy JoJo
Frederick Meachum
Kit Cat
Lovli Pusseh
Lucifer Meowinstar
Nobby Gee
Tom Thompson
Wolf Snoww

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